19 December Friday 2014 - 03 January Saturday 2015

Aykan Özener: “School”

Aykan Özener’s The Closed Down Spaces.One of the spaces that represent the foundation of nation-states is the education buildings, primary schools. After 1980, along with the period of eliminating the modernist approaches, specifically village schools were left out. The ambiguous state ideology and utopia made space codes disembodied and meaningless. The camera that focuses on the paradox of this loneliness and nostalgic melancholy captures the reality of the period of the abandoned state-citizen relationship. The perspective that handles the object with a lucid and sharp narration also unveils the presence of the violence and carries it into the present time.

Lena Deinhardstein: “Kyrgyzstan”

The photos are a series of pictures taken on the pastures around the Tien-Shan mountain range. All photographs were captured within several days in the region around the city of Naryn. In the countryside, I was invited by a Kirghiz family to accompany them throughout a day. Their nomadic way of living fascinated me. The photos capture a rare glimpse of a now vanishing life nearly untouched by either the Soviet regime or capitalism. Although this family had to farm in kolkhoz- and factory-like

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